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In Sierra Leone, Human Rights Network Ends Consultative Meeting
By Aruna Turay
Aug 19, 2010, 21:20

The Human Rights Education Network in Sierra Leone has ended a consultative meeting for fifteen participants on Africa Human Rights Education (AHRE) at Sahara hotel in Bo southern Sierra Leone.

The National Coordinator for Africa Human Rights Education Mr. Morrison Saidu said prior to the formation of the network he has had several engagements with AHRE project participants and few individuals over the past couple of months about the most viable option for a human rights education network at the community level. He said though there appears to be differing opinions on this subject, the fifteen project participants have successfully concluded the formation of AHRE Network in Human Rights Education through alliance building, topical discussions, trainings; civic education program, sharing of tools and resources; exchange visits, among others. Mr. Saidu went on to state  that in ensuring national and international visibility the network would be further linked to other local and international organizations that have recorded   experience and good practice examples on specific human right issues outside the network.

One of the participants Joseph Momoh said the Africa Human Right Education Network Sierra Leone (AHREN-SL) is a network comprising Micro project participants and other organizations who share similar objectives. The formation of Africa Human Rights Education Network, he furthered was conceived after series of discussions amongst project partners and participants of the AHRE project in Sierra Leone and suggested consultations to guide the establishment of human rights education network models within the framework of the AHRE project. Mr. Momoh said it was with this background that AHRE Network-Sierra Leone was founded. He said the project participants took the lead role in developing and analyzing the strategy to effectively foster the promotion and sustainability of the Network. At the end of the meeting, four participants Patrick Massaquoi, Ramatu Forna, Baindu Briama and Foday Sesay were unanimously elected to coordinate and seek the effective and efficient day to day affairs of the Network.

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