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SLPP will Take Fawundu Home This Weekend
Aug 20, 2010, 17:18

Funeral Arrangements for Alfred Sallia Fawundu
SLPP Strongman and Loyal Party Activist (1949-2010)


FRIDAY 20th August

10:00am Laying Out , SLPP Headquarters, Wallace-Johnson Street

15:30pm Memorial Service at the Columbia Davies Memorial Funeral Palour


SATURDAY 21st August

Body conveyed by air to Bo. Courtesy of the United Nations

15:00pm Laying Out, The School

22:00pm Vigil at the Bo City Hall


SUNDAY 22nd August

11:30am Funeral Service at the Bo City Hall followed by burial

at the Family Vault Plot at the C.K.C. Cemetery


For further details, kindly visit, call 076-555444

or send an email to

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