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Republic of Liberia’s Immigration Boss & Deputy Attorney General Speaks to Awareness Times
By Our Correspondent
Aug 23, 2010, 12:06

Liberia Immigration Boss, Attorney Chris Massaquoi
The Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalisation and Deputy Attorney-General of the Republic of Liberia has granted an exclusive interview to Awareness Times reporter, Mr. Bampia James Bundu jnr in Monrovia on Wednesday August 18th 2010. Honourable Christian Clarence Massaquoi took time off his usually busy schedule to meet with the visiting Sierra Leonean journalist inside his office in Central Monrovia during which he spoke on a range of issues including his satisfaction with the current relationship between Liberian Immigration officials and Sierra Leone Immigration officials at the two countries’ border points.

Full details of the interview conducted by Sierra Leone’s ace reporter Bampia Bundu with Hon. C.C. Massaquoi will be published later on this week.

Hon. Chris Massaquoi was the Liberian Inspector-General of Police during the Transitional Government of Gyude Bryant. Upon the assumption of office of President Johnson Sirleaf, he was appointed as Immigration Chief by the Liberian President who places high premium on the security of her country’s borders. Following the mysterious fire at the Executive Mansion on July 26th 2006 and widespread rumours that the fire was as a result of sabotage by foes from the civil war days, H.E. President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf brought Massaquoi from Immigration to head the Special Security Services responsible for her personal protection. Following the independent report that the fire accident was due to an electrical fault and upon his completion of a restructuring of the SSS alongside American Secret Service Security personnel, Massaquoi in June 2007, once again took over his office as Liberia’s Immigration Chief.

A trained lawyer, Massaquoi, who worked for the United Nations as an international security expert, remains one of Liberia’s finest public servants.

Bampia Bundu, the National Organising Secretary of the Sierra Leone Reporters’ Union and Chairman of the Awareness Times’ Staff Association was in Monrovia on a three-days International Training Course. He was accompanied to the Immigration Headquarters by a Liberian Journalist colleague, Mr. Boima.

When Bundu was asked by his Liberian colleague how he managed to obtain an exclusive interview with one of Liberia’s most busy public servants at such short notice, Bampia Bundu responded, "When you work for a reputable international news outlet like the Awareness Times, many doors get opened for you".

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