From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Keeping ‘Honour’ Within the National Fountain of Honour : Popularly Reproduced
By Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden
Aug 23, 2010, 12:00

One of my school teachers recently told me that I should learn to ignore the detractors who manufacture up nonsense against me in their news outlets as their nonsense was not having any effect in turning people’s minds against me and what I am doing in Sierra Leone today. In response, I pointed out to him that I usually ignore most of my detractors but when the Government Spokesman, the Presidential Press Secretary and the Foreign Office Spokesman see me as such a formidable force that they have to go to the extent of manufacturing up lies against me right from the seat of power, I will be a fool to keep my mouth shut and not deny the allegations.

It is one thing for an errant journalist to publish lies against a formidable female citizen but it is quite another scenario should someone working right at the seat of power and walking the corridors of power, decide to manufacture nonsense and spread it out right from the seat of power. Since September 2007, this is what this country has been subjected to. The Fountain of Honour has not seen anything wrong with being transformed into a Fountain whose associates exude dishonourable lies. As a result, the Fountain of Honour has repeatedly found itself being slurred and denigrated because when the Father of the Nation chooses miscreants and liars as his associates, the end-result is the honoured becomes dishonoured in the eyes of the wider populace.

In Creole, we have a saying that suits this kind of situation. When a person is repeatedly offended by a fly or a midget, no-one sees the offence but when the person finally reacts and offends the midget or the fly, that is the time everyone will sit up and take notice. Now, it is Government Spokesman and Presidential Press Secretary taking pot shots at me by the publication and airing of arrant lies and nonsense like the one on the front page of Thursday’s Presidential Press Secretary’s newspaper and inside of last Friday’s edition of the same paper. No-one is taking any countenance but when I will react, that is the time everyone will start pleading with me to uphold the dignity of the Fountain of Honour. I am not afraid to stand up for my right and my reputation against State operatives. Already, the public opinion on the situation should sound a warning bell to these State operatives. But that is only if they are even paying attention to public opinion!

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