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In Sierra Leone, NPA Cable Strikes Woman to Death
By Aruna Turay
Aug 24, 2010, 17:04

Following the heavy down pour of rain on Sunday 22nd August,2010, a middle age business woman Abibatu Bah of 46 Sander Street in Freetown met her untimely death after been stroked by a naked cable that cut off from an installed electric pole belonging to the National Power Authority (NPA).

The brother of late Abibatu Bah, Mr. Abdulai Bah who claimed to have witnessed the ugly scene, narrated that in the morning hours of Sunday 22nd August, his sister climbed the roof of her resident to undertake some cleaning exercise after the rain has subsided. He said during the process, the highly electrified NPA cable cut off and landed on top of the roof where his sister was standing striking her to death. However, he went on, the remains of Abibatu have been conveyed to the Mortuary awaiting postmortem examination.

Information gathered by this reporter states that the 46 Sanders Street building where Abibatu met her death has already been marked by the Freetown City Council (FCC) among those houses due for demolition.

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