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Solomon Berewa ĎArises from the Deadí
By Sylvia O. Blyden
Aug 24, 2010, 17:20

It was a scene of sorrow at the funeral of the late SLPP strongman Alfred Sallia Fawundu last Sunday August 22nd 2010 in Bo City as thousands of SLPP members thronged up to Bo from various parts of the country to pay their last respects to one of their partyís greatest activists of recent times. However, their sorrow was partially assuaged when suddenly emerging in the crowd was the man who had been strongly rumoured all over the country as having passed away, Solomon Ekuma Berewa. Sorrow turned to joyous exclamation from many an SLPP member present. Many attendees openly retorted in joyous sarcasm that detractors will soon say that Solomon Berewa had indeed died but he merely arose from the dead.

Mr. Berewa who was seated at the High Table next to former President Kabbah and other dignitaries, made a very emotional tribute to the late man during which he called on party faithfuls not to give up on the partyís ideals that Mr. Fawundu had stood for. Standing upright, neatly dressed and looking quite physically fit, he applied his usual humour to deride those who had described him as dead whilst he lamented the fact that Death had snatched Alfred Fawundu from the party.

Berewa was the former Vice President of Sierra Leone and former SLPP Leader who had contested the 2007 Presidential Elections. He was flown out to India for a medical check-up last month following which the vicious rumours had been spread by his detractors all over the country and even beyond that he had died in India.

Meanwhile, the late Alfred Fawundu received a mammoth-sized heroís funeral and burial. Photographs of Solomon Berewa at the Funeral as well as more auspicious funeral photos and details will follow in subsequent editions.

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