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In Sierra Leone, Lumley LUC Refutes ‘Logistics Crisis’ Story
By Aruna Turay
Aug 25, 2010, 17:02

The Local Unit Commander (LUC) for the Lumley Police Division, Chief Superintendent of Police [CSP] Alhaji Gibril Kabba Kamara has said that there is a channel to communicate constraints on personnel of the Police Force, not through newspaper publications. The LUC was reacting to a newspaper report which alleged that his division was faced with crises such as logistics and an increase in crime rates within their operational areas.

Addressing newsmen on Tuesday 24th August 2010 at his Lumley Division, Chief Superintendent Kabba Kamara said that he was shocked to see the negative publication on the front page of a certain local tabloid of Monday 23rd August 2010 edition since he said the newspaper did not get such information from his division. The publication captioned ‘Lumley Police Station in Logistics Crisis’ highlighted series of logistical and operational constraints faced by division under the LUC.

According to LUC Kamara, there have been tremendous efforts on the part of Police Headquarters to see that police stations were equipped with the necessary logistics, though he hastened to say that much needed to be done.

"Since I was sent to head this station which was later transformed into a division I have not been faced with logistical problems without being addressed by the appropriate authorities," he said, adding that they are always provided with the resources needed to police the area such as vehicles for night patrols and other operational activities.

The LUC stated that as a professional force, they have a chain of command to channel their constraints and that they have been successfully using those channels to get what are needed for the division. He in that vein demanded of journalists to stop putting words in the mouths of others, but to make sure that they cross check their stories before going to press.

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