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In Sierra Leone, Maada Bio Disowns ‘Mischief’ Letter
By Sayoh Kamara
Aug 25, 2010, 17:16

Former military ruler in National Provisional Ruling Council (NPRC) Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio has laid bare truth about the letter published in the Monday, 23rd August 2010 edition of a local tabloid which suggested that as Army Chief of Defense he had written a letter to then Head of State, Captain  Strasser complaining Brigadier Kellie Conteh as Chief of Army Staff, of incompetence to lead the army during time of war.

In an exclusive interview with this writer, Brigadier Bio first condemned linking of his name to, “such a mischievous act because someone somewhere is hunting Brigadier Conteh’s job.” He said the letter does not exist and that he did not ever write such a letter to Captain Strasser.

“Is the letter signed?” He questioned, and added, “as a professional soldier who respects ethics and disciplinary codes, I could not have written such a letter against another senior colleague, without appending my signature to it. The letter is faked. Everything about that letter as a matter of fact is wrong,” he stated, and went on to challenge anyone to prove whether that letter truly exists. “They can check the army archives to prove the criminal intent of the publication of that letter,” he posited.


For his part, Brigadier Kellie Conteh says he is not worried about the unfounded allegations that have been levied against him by his detractors. “They are merely exposing themselves to the public who know better between me and them. What is of concern and of interest to me is service to my president, my government, the people of Sierra Leone and my conscience. Nothing shaped against me by ways of spurious attacks will distract me, I am focused ,”Brigadier said.

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