From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

As Three Years Anniversary Looms... ‘Matorma’ Resumes
Aug 25, 2010, 17:18

In less than four weeks time, H.E. President Koroma will clock three years in office. It will be three years since 17 September 2007 when he promised, on taking oath as President, that he would turn the country around within three years. Soonest he took over office, he proceeded to embark upon a campaign of sacking and abruptly removing Government functionaries from their appointed positions. So many people were removed and in such an abrupt fashion, that soon a popular refrain was coined that a ‘Matorma Devil’ was striking at perceived opponents of the President’s Agenda to turn Sierra Leone around in three years. A ‘Matorma’ is a spiritual but powerful masked devil in the Limba culture who strikes hard at opponents or anyone daring to stand in the way of its preset agenda. So, the use of the term of Matorma was a metaphorical reference to President Koroma’s determination to unseat those functionaries perceived as standing in his way of turning the country around in three years.

After a period of intense sacking and firing from the metaphorical Matorma, there was a lull and there was peace in the land as the citizens watched in anticipation whether those who replaced the sacked functionaries will indeed turn the country around.

Well, there are mixed opinions as to whether the country has indeed been turned around within three years but one thing is certain and that is, it now appears that the metaphorical Matorma is back in action as the three year anniversary looms on the horizon.

A spate of ongoing abrupt and shocking removals have resumed in the land. The latest one being a sudden removal and reshuffling within the Armed Forces as issued in the Press Release from State House yesterday that saw Army Chief of Defence Staff removed from office and sent on terminal leave. Last weekend, the Chief of Police and his deputy were also removed from office.

What many bemused citizens are now asking of each other is, just who next will the metaphorical Matorma strike at? Which of the Government functionaries are going to be removed from office now that it is clear the initial spate of sackings and removals of the John Karimus, J.D. Rogers, etc. etc. of three years ago, has not fed the appetite of the metaphorical Matorma? The Jury is out as we all await. Who is next on the list?

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