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Zain Sierra Leone Offers Free Mobile Internet
Aug 26, 2010, 17:08

The digital and data leader, Zain Sierra Leone has taken Cellular Mobile Telephone System (CMTS) technology in Sierra Leone to a more affordable step further with its recent introduction of free internet on mobile phones or WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) service for one month.

This free internet service for one month will allow phones with WAP access to browse the internet in terms of searching for information - for students, browsing for football scores, logging onto facebook and much more. There are two forms of configuration (remotely and manually). For remote configuration, you can send the word (net) as text to the number 141 and follow the subsequent commands. For manual configuration, please visit authorized Zain shops nation-wide for configuration.

In offering WAP services, Zain has put up its own WAP home page for its subscribers. WAP configuration comes with the Zain SL Portal as homepage where a host of rich internet contents can be found ¨C Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Google, Video clips, news, social networking sites including facebook, twitter and much more. All phones should be configured with the WAP APN. This gives access to the Zain portal page as Homepage that is only accessible via WAP connectivity. The above service comes with an updated customer service and configuration of your device lasts a maximum two minutes at all authorised Zain shops country wide.

Zain is the sole provider of a free WAP Service, a performance-based wireless product that is expected to transform the mobile Internet market into a valuable Internet access resource for Zain subscribers. Zain has not remained immune to the massive changes occurring in the enterprise voice/data network. With the increasing acceptance of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) in most countries, voice/data convergence for the mobile user is imminent here in Sierra Leone, hence its affordable proposition to the market by Zain. WAP is a standard that allows mobile devices to receive data directly from the Internet without the content-rich graphics that slow down information transfer.

Also, for an emerging economy like Sierra Leone’s, the introduction of the ‘Fambul Tariff’ including the reduction of the off-net tariff as affordable as 15 units speaks of goodwill, compassion and love. For most people in Sierra Leone, survival is a daily battle but Zain being a caring ‘Fambul’ has helped in uncountable ways to make life better for all by bridging the communication gap at an affordable and accessible rate. In short, they are a life wire to Sierra Leone’s economy.

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