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Health Minister Complains Soldier
Aug 26, 2010, 17:00

The Chief of Defense Staff
Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces
Ministry of Defense,Tower Hill, Freetown.

Dear Sir,


I am constrained to formally report to you an army Officer by the name of Corporal Sheku Bao, attached to the Naval Wing of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, for smearing my character and personality.

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving from the provinces to Freetown and met some young men whom I later learnt to be Military and OSD personnel who requested me to give them a ride which I graciously did on humanitarian grounds. We drove on to Kissy Road in heavy traffic.

Just afterwards, Corporal Bao who was in civilian attire suddenly appeared and started reigning insults at me, instructing me arrogantly to move my vehicle faster to the utter dismay of everybody around including the officers in my vehicle. He became more aggressive when he learnt that I was a Government Minister even when he was cautioned to stop using abusive language against me. Consequently, an argument ensued between him and the police and military men in my vehicle.

After resorting to police action in which Corporal Bao allegedly accused me of assault and inflicting bodily harm on him, he has also been going to different newspapers maliciously purporting the same allegation with the intent to bring my image to disrepute.

I would have taken up this matter with my colleague Minister of Defense, but I have thought it prudent to first bring it to your attention and possible action before taking it to some higher quarters. I consider the action of this officer the product of a young and inexperienced person.

I would therefore appreciate if Corporal Bao could be strongly warned to desist forthwith from his illegal way of defaming my character, using the media to bring my name and personality to disrepute for a misguided allegation. I did not have any physical confrontation with him and I cannot condescend so low to the point of engaging in any physical assault with anyone. I am a Minister of State.

Counting on your intervention.

Yours faithfully,
Mohamed D. Koroma.
Hon. Deputy Minister of Health & Sanitation

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