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In Sierra Leone, MMCET Students Complain College Lecturers
By Augustine Samba
Aug 30, 2010, 17:16

Students of the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology have tendered a protest letter to the Anti Corruption Commission [ACC] against their tutors for allegedly extorting money from them and absenting themselves from classes without any just cause. A score of the students stormed the Awareness Times Office recently to express frustration over the manner their college authorities are treating them during which visit they presented a copy of the said letter. The letter demands the quick intervention of ACC or otherwise the situation will go beyond control and such will be difficult to address.  The letter stated that the continuous extortion of money by lecturers from students is causing so much embarrassment to students and has caused many of them not to pay their complete fees. It also threw fight on the frequent absenting of some lecturers who only come to collect salaries at the end of the month. The letter further alleged that admission into the college is not done according to set criteria but by nepotism, favoritism and connectocracy.

The demand for Ďpayment for projectsí by students was also revealed in the letter. Some lecturers as stated in¬† the letter, only surface in class at the end of the month and ask the class representative to collect money from students for the project which Ďprojectí never comes to fruition. Students,¬† the letter went on, also¬† pay¬† the sum of¬† Le10,000 for a class test or examination adding that students who failed to honour such obligation¬† are sometimes given a reference failure mark in that subject. It was also alleged in that letter that most lecturers sell pamphlets every week and when a student buys one he or she is awarded special¬† marks. The students accuse their authorities of failing to address the matter and are therefore calling on the ACC for their swift intervention. Efforts to contact College Authorities for their own side so far has proved futile but Awareness Times stands ready to air the collegeís own side at any time they are willing to speak on the serious allegations by the students.

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