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In Sierra Leone, Milla Group donate to landslide victims
By Augustine Samba
Aug 30, 2010, 17:06

Milla Group Sierra Leone Ltd an industrial company that produces plastic containers has donated food, drinks, buckets and physical cash to victims of the Blackhall Road landslide victims. It could be the recalled that a mudslide occurred at Benz Garage in the east of Freetown causing two deaths and lots of injuries. Handing over the items MILLA GROUP coordinator Alhaji Ibrahim Kamara said it was incumbent on the management to console with the victims and their relative because they live in the same community where their company is located. He maintained that their donation was meant to share the plight of the victims. He informed that, the company has always come to the doors of the community with regards employment and many other concerns.

The general manager of MILLA GROUP Sony Ramakri Shna also reiterated that the entire management felt the untimely and painful death of the two children. According to him the donation was not going to bring the deceased back to life but will cashion the present status of the injured victims and relatives of the deceased. He demanded a special prayer for the deceased and for Allah to avert such a disaster from that community. After receiving the items, community elders and authorities thanked and commended Milla groups for such a wonderful gesture. They also used the opportunity to appeal to other kind Sierra Leoneans or humanitarian organization to emulate from MILLA GROUPS. All the items were handed over to the elders and authorities for onward distribution to the victims and relatives of the deceased amongst them include Hassan Bangura Mariatu Bangura and Kadiatu Sesay who were also present.   

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