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In Sierra Leone, Lawyer Debunks Wealth Builders’ Claim
By Dauda Koroma
Aug 31, 2010, 17:06

The legal counsel for the disbanded financial institution, Wealth Builders Network, Pious Sesay has rubbished claims made by a representative of the organization that he misled and deceived them.  He said he never knew of the existence of the organization until recently when the CEO, Peter Ayilla was arrested and charged to court with the offence of operating a business without license for which he was fined and told not to operate any more in the country. “Wealth Builders called me to serve as their lawyer so my duty was to solicit on their behalf to see that their business became legal,” he told pressmen yesterday at his Lamnina Sankoh Street office.

Mr. Sesay told the press that Wealth Builders have since been operating without his knowledge, and that he was only called to help fight their case in March. “All I know about Wealth Builders is that the CEO was given business registration but not licensed to operate as the document in their possession showed,” he informed, adding that that was just what he explained to the Nigeria High Commission when one Mr. Balogun wrote him that he must appear before the commission to explain what he knew about the organization. “I even tried to influence the banking supervision department at Central Bank to grant them license to operate but they refused because they had already breached by operating a business without first licensing,” he further stated.

The lawyer was trying to clear his head of an allegation made against him in Premier Tok Radio on Sunday 29th August by one Lansana Conteh that he mislead and deceived Wealth Builders.  He said the organization’s representative was merely trying to smear his name by making such a libelous story. “All what Lansana Conteh was saying is not true and I intend to take legal action against him if he fails to make public apology to me within forty-eight hours,” he concluded. 

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