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In Sierra Leone, Four Presidential Nominees Face Parliament
By Mohamed Kanu
Aug 31, 2010, 17:10

In line with their constitutional mandate to interview and scrutinize all presidential nominees, members of parliament on the Oversight Committee on Appointment on Friday 27th August 2010 started the process of scrutinizing the four recent presidential nominees for various appointments. The four presidential nominees included Francis Munu as the new Inspector General of Police, Mr. Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara as commissioner to the Anti-Corruption Commission, Madam Harriet K Sillah and Kabba Franklin Bangura as board member for the National Youth Commission.

The nominees were posed questions ranging from their past experiences to their integrity and capability to function in those positions if approved by the House.

Responding to a question relating to his competence and dedication considering how the former ACC boss, Lawyer Abdul Tejan-Cole resigned his position, Mr. Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara said if approved he is legally prepared to man the affairs of the institution, especially now that his official duties at the Special Court is coming to an end. He said he has also been reading and digesting the ACC Act which he was sure would immensely help him to properly execute his duties ahead. He assured of his commitment and international contacts to bring perpetrators of corrupt practices to book.

For his part, the former IAG for Crime Services, Francis Alieu Munu promised that if approved to become the forceís new Inspector General, he would foster good working relationship between the police and members of public and the parliamentarians as the representatives of the nation. He said he was all the more prepared to maintain cordial relationship with the legislature because according to him very soon the Sierra Leone police would be taking their new Act to parliament that contain certain changes in order to suit the current trend of their operation. "I will make tangible difference in the force if approved by the House," he concluded.

The two presidential nominees for the position of board members opf the newly formed National Youth Commission, Harriet K Sillah of the 50-50 Group and Mr. Kabba Franklin Bangura assured the committee that they would to fully perform their duties if approved by the house. Mr. Bangura said he would be much pleased to represent the disabled on the NYC Board. "Being a disabled myself since at age three, and with wide experience in disability issues he would make sure that the interests of disabled are adequately represented and catered for if approved by the House.

All four presidential nominees are expected to face the committee for the second time for final scrutiny when parliament resumes sitting next month.

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