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Dr. Alpha T. Wurie Declares for SLPP Flag Bearer
By Aruna Turay
Aug 31, 2010, 17:20

The former Minister of Education, Science and Technology in the erstwhile SLPP government, Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie on Monday 30th August 2010 made public his intention to contest for flag bear position of the party  ahead of the National Delegates Convention slated for 2011.  The auspicious ceremony took place at the Harry Yansaneh Hall of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists [SLAJ] Headquarters, Campbell Street in Freetown.

Taking the podium to make his formal declaration, Dr. Wurie revealed that the name Alpha Tejan Wurie rings a bell in both the SLPP and national circles, a household name he said that reverberates in every corner of the country whenever it is mentioned.

The High table

He catalogued series of achievements his family and himself had for the party and the nation in general over the years.  The most recent of his own political achievements he citied was his sojourn at the education ministry during which period he took education from the doldrums in the country and raised it to a pinnacle.  He said apart from being a chemist with state of the art laboratory operating in this country,  he has been very instrumental in contributing politically to the nation through the SLPP.  I played a pivotal role in the resuscitation of the SLPP between 1995 and 1996 by being part of the team that succeeded in sketching a graphic picture of the party to the then Fourah Bay College students body that galvanized huge following for the party afterwards, he informed.  He said at the Ajai Crowther Amphitheatre they met with panache and left no doubt in the minds of students that it was the party they should follow which made the SLPP win in 1996. The SLPP won by a large margin at FBC due to my mastery of political guise and solid personal touch in and out of campus, he noted.

Dr. Wurie Addressing his Audience

He also highlighted his financial contribution to the party. My financial contributions to the party are immeasurable and transcend party dues. Together with a few people, we bankrolled the partys campaign in the entire Port Loko District in 1996. We covered every blade of grass in the Port Loko District to ensure recognition for the party in an area where the party has never fared well before then, cited Dr. Wurie. 

He said at the time when the country was under the virtual dictatorship of Siaka Stevens, it was difficult to get young men to thump their chests in Freetown for the SLPP.  But that was the time I joined the campaign team of an SLPP aspirant, Eustace King in the 1977 elections in Central One. I then existed and constantly paraded the corridors of FBC Hostels preaching the partys ideology, without recourse for the consequences.

SLPP's J.D. Rogers Sitting with Family Members of Dr. Wurie

He said his campaign is going to be people oriented, in seeing that the masses of this country are being given chance and support to develop. Born in the heart of Freetown, Dr Wurie said if given the chance to rule this country, he would made sure that the traders at Guard Street and other parts in central Freetown have access to education and skills training to enhance their livelihood. We need to give people second chances to make it in life, and the responsibility of a government is to do just that. Somebodys hope in life does not end because she becomes pregnant, so when we were in power, we made sure that women were enhanced through adult education and skills training. 

Dr. Wurie said his 11 years of dedicated service to the SLPP and the country as a cabinet minister has improved has earned him vast experience in governance and administration.  We need people with experience and people oriented to lead this nation, he  said adding that he has a  strong political base that cuts through the western area, where he was born, the south where he acquired secondary education and  the north where he hails from.  He assured that he can serve as the buffer in SLPP, an oasis of stability and the key to success in the 2012 elections.

The occasion was chaired by veteran journalist, David Tam Bayo.

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