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In Sierra Leone, Journalists Apologise to Makeni Magistrate
By Augustine Samba
Aug 31, 2010, 17:24

Mohamed Kabba corresponding for Awareness Times from Makeni, has yesterday issued a personal apology to the Resident Magistrate in Makeni, Komba Kamanda for his article published in our yesterday edition that erroneously cited that Kamanda had discharged an alleged 35 year old rapist much to the chagrin of human rights activists in the township . The reality is that the alleged rapist had indeed been discharged by the Makeni Courts but not by Magistrate Kamanda but by an earlier Magistrate whom Kamanda replaced.

Mohamed Kabba, whilst profusely apologising for his error, explained that he had gone to the Courts to seek a confirmation from the Court Clerk whether the alleged rapist had indeed been discharged and upon receiving the confirmation, he had not solicited who was the Magistrate who ordered the discharge but had jumped to the conclusion that it was the current Magistrate. The Court Clerk reports that he indeed confirmed the discharge to our correspondent but he was not to be held¬†responsible for our correspondentís error of jumping to conclusions.

Awareness Times takes the issue of erroneous reports very seriously; especially reports that hinge around personalities and so, upon learning of the erroneous article, our Publisher also telephoned the Magistrate up in Makeni yesterday to tender an apology to him. We are truly sorry for the error as published yesterday against Magistrate Komba Kamanda.

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