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In Sierra Leone, ‘Zain Still Leads in Mobile Technology’- Subscribers
By Augustine Samba
Sep 1, 2010, 17:06

A prominent recharge cards retailer and a long gluer to the Zain network, Mr. Ishmeal Turay on Tuesday 31st August confided in our reporter that Zain is still leading whilst others follow in mobile telecommunication technology. Mr. Turay who was well relaxed in his kiosk at PZ said there are certain qualities in Zain which other mobile companies do not possess. He said simply put, Zain network is the best in the country.

“In fact Zain in terms of network coverage is present in most places across Sierra Leone,” he opined, adding that the competition advantage over other networks puts Zain second to none.

Mr. Turay gave his reasons as the continuous and uninterrupted network Zain provides to subscriber. He said whenever subscribers dial the calls always go through, except if the line is engaged.  He described Zain’s advanced technology as the most viable and excellent in Sierra Leone and some other countries in Africa, especially through the Zain One Network as an innovative technology that unquestionably allows subscribers to call other Zain subscribers residing in other countries. “My brother is a student in Accra, Ghana we speak every hour through Zain to Zain and we are billed per second just like the local bill,” he informed, asking, “which other network can afford that opportunity?”

He referred to Zain as a redeemer and a humanitarian that has empowered and improved many schools and some colleges to achieve standard and quality education in many African countries. He maintained that the Zain African challenge (ZAC) was the first of its kind that has always conducted students from over 100 universities in African to participate in a quiz competition in Kampala Uganda. He went on to say that the ZAC promotion is enjoyed by all Zain subscribers in Zain operative countries through the home viewers’ game. 

“In the last ZAC home viewer game my sister won an expensive mobile phone from Zain,” he revealed. He cited some of the humanitarian assistance undertaken by Zain which include the supply of teaching and learning materials to under privileged school and also the construction of additional structures.

The head of corporate affairs and communication of Zain Sierra Leone, Mr. Kelvin Kellie has in an interview told the Awareness Times that Zain deserves accolades.

“Our lead on the market is not done by mistake because we are noted for excellent and unique service to our customers,” he maintained.

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