From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Kadi Sesay & Alpha Timbo Resign to Contest Presidency
Sep 1, 2010, 17:16

The erudite and charming erstwhile Deputy Leader of the Sierra Leone Peopleís Party, Dr. Kadi Sesay and the smart and eloquent erstwhile SLPP Assistant Secretary-General, Lawyer Alpha Timbo, yesterday August 31st 2010 have both tendered their resignations from the SLPP National Executive in order for them to qualify for the position of Flagbearer/Presidential Candidate for the party in the 2012 Elections. They will be contesting against each other in a contest slated for next March 2011 for which a total of 23 aspirants have now passed the preliminary stage for contesting. Both of them are amongst the leading candidates so far who have a well-structured Campaign team in place advocating for them.

The SLPP is now faced with the task of finding a replacement for three positions in the National Executive including the position of National Publicity Secretary from which Ibrahim Tayyib Bah recently resigned. The party which is already faced with huge organisational problems caused partly by self-serving Executive members criss-crossing the entire country and all over the whole globe, not in a bid to strengthen the party but to lobby for their personal interests, is expected to choose persons with high political savvy to step in and strengthen the Executive or else the SLPP should forget about any chance at winning 2012 Presidential Elections which is now impending.

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