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As they pay Le230,000,000 in cash... SLPP Aspirants thank Awareness Times
By Sylvia Blyden & Dauda Koroma
Sep 1, 2010, 17:18

A significant number of the 23 successful aspirants for the SLPP Flagbearer position have told Awareness Times yesterday that they were very grateful to this newspaper for our independent coverage of their party’s activities over the past few years. However what also came out very clearly from many of those who had been formerly recalcitrant to pay a non-refundable deposit to the party, was the fact that one of our recent news articles jolted them into realising they had been on the wrong path. Many aspirants now report that our last month’s article on how the failed SLPP Freetown Mayoral candidate for 2008 Elections had published a pamphlet calling for the party to take steps to avoid nominating men and women of straw (i.e: penniless) to contest elections, had made them realise the importance of what the party’s Executive had been trying to do with their laid-down Rule for non-refundable deposits.

Another aspirant, previously recalcitrant but who has now paid up, explained that our report quoting a party member in Kenema who had made an observation that the membership was watching from the sidelines as to who loved the party enough to donate to SLPP the cost of a second-hand Jeep, had also served as a conscience-arouser.

“Indeed, anyone who loves the SLPP and what the SLPP stands for, after reading that Awareness Times article, now sees and understand what the SLPP Executive has been advocating for all this while. May God bless your newspaper and may it grow even stronger and May God continue to guide and protect our National Executive for what they are doing for our beloved SLPP,” one of the aspirants said yesterday at the SLPP party offices.

Meanwhile, sources within the SLPP Executive inform that, at the close of Banking business yesterday, the SLPP had received a grand total of 23 Declarations of Intent and a whopping sum of Two Hundred and Thirty Million Leones (Le230,000,000.00) from 23 candidates of various professional and other qualities. They are listed in alphabetical order as:

1. Hon. Elizabeth Alpha-Lavalie

2. Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio

3. Engineer Osman Boie-Kamara

4. Mr. Umarr Dumbuya

5. Mr. Emmanuel O. Grant

6. Dr. Bu-Buakei Jabbi, Esq.

7. Mrs. Kadie Johnson-Cole

8. Hon. Eric Jumu

9. Mr. Obai Kabia

10. P.C. Bai Sebora Somanoh Kapen III

11. Engineer Andrew K. Keilli

12. Mr. Abu Hassan Koroma

13. Major(rtd) Ishmail Koroma

14. Mr. Momodu Koroma

15. Mr. J.E. Leigh

16. Mr. Abu Mansaray

17. Dr. Morie Manyeh

18. Prof. Richard T. M’bayo

19. Reverend Joe Moiba

20. Dr. Kadi Sesay

21. Dr. Anthony Soyei

22. Lawyer Alpha Timbo

23. Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie

The above 23 Aspirants are from all the various major tribes of Sierra Leone including Limbas, Temnes, Fullahs, Creoles, Konos and Mendes which reflect the SLPP to be a truly national party for all the tribes, ethnic groups and people of Sierra Leone. A really broad-based party in One Country made up of One People. Awareness Times wishes them well.

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