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Sep 2, 2010, 17:10



Iron Ore Discovered at Tunkia Chiefdom

The Minister of Mineral Resources and Political Affairs, Alhaji Alpha Kanu has reportedly disclosed that the Bagla Hill in the Tunkia Chiefdom   Kenema District  contains iron ore worth about One Hundred and Fifty Million Dollars. According to reports the hill is 0.8 percent of  the  total  Gola Forest reserved. Reports further alleged that government  would  critically examine  the issue after conducting  scientific investigation to assess the safety of the  mining project to the area people and the environment. The minister assured the community  people of their active participation on the project  when it starts operation . Reports have further alleged that, illegal mining is on going in the area.

UNICEF Donates to Eastern Radio

Local tabloids have it that UNICEF  last  Sunday donated a four gigabyte sonny recorder, CD-RUM and batteries to the management of Eastern Radio Station in Kenema. The purpose of the donation was  to enhance the broadcasting of childrens programme at the station. UNICEF Communication Officer Issa Davies said  that  the Eastern Radio Station  has been very effective  in reporting  childrens issues in the past and that  such trend must be sustained reports say .He disclosed that at least fourteen radio stations across the country would  benefit from a similar donation to enhance their effective operation.


Minister Hands Over Diamond Area Development Fund

Report from Kenema says the Minister of Mineral Resources and Political Affairs has recently presented cheques to Paramount Chiefs and Local Council  Authorities in  mining areas as development funds for their respective  chiefdoms. The minister reports say strictly warned the paramount chiefs and local council authorities to judiciously use the money which is meant for community development.  The occasion took place at the Kenema District Council Hall in Kenema  Southern Sierra Leone. It  was  revealed that the government has released 3.5 billion leones to chiefdoms that have obtained  mining licenses for the development of their chiefdoms reports added.

Le 10 Million for Kenema Pupils

Several  pupils and students in   Kenema  Southern Sierra Leone  would  benefit from a scholarship award for the coming academic year reports say. A Lebanese business man Amin Skaikay ,Chief  Executive of a business entity called TAS STORE  is today expected to donate the sum of Ten Million Leones as scholarship  award to destitute and under privilege  pupils and students[indigenes] in  higher institution of learning. Amin Skaikay said  he has been awarding scholarships to pupils and students for the past years through their principals  and teachers but has not been managed properly reports say.

Baboon Rapes Woman to Death

A male baboon has  reportedly  raped and killed  a woman called Fatu  at  Bankro Vllage Port Loko District ,Northern Sierra Leone  on Monday 23rd August 2010.According to reports the  fatal action of the male baboon was a revenge attack for the killing of its female partner by the villagers. The deceased  was discovered by the villagers in a near by bush profusely bleeding on her private part. The entire village is currently living in fear as the animal is chasing the villagers especially  the farmers who go to their farms in the morning to work. All the villagers have vowed to hunt down and kill the animal reports added.

3 Days  Communication  Training  for  Police and Prisons

A three-day  training has reportedly been conducted for police and prison officers  by the Justice Sector Development  Programme at the Kingtom Senior  Police Officers  Mess in Freetown. The  aim of the training was to  capacitate  the media units of the  two institutions. Participants  were trained on how to relate with the media and the general public ,the proper use of  media gadgets among others  reports say. The trainees were also urged  to train their colleagues who could not afford the opportunity.

Finance Minister Opens Budget Policy Hearings

The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Dr. Samura Kamara has reportedly declared the fiscal year 2011-13 Medium Term Expenditure Frame Work (MTEF) budget policy hearings and  budget discussion at the Miatta Conference Hall in Freetown last Tuesday. According to reports, the forum always brings many stakeholders to discuss the budget for the next  financial year. The Minister has reportedly said that the event is held annually to uphold transparency and participation in the MTEF budget process.

 Shortage of Essential Drugs in Moyamba Government Hospital

Reports have alleged that, the Moyamba Government Hospital is currently suffering from acute drugs shortage. Reports say the dispensary department of the hospital is currently running out of essential drugs for pregnant women, lactating  mothers and under five children. James Tucker, a Drug Monitor and District Coordinator of free health care drugs has confirmed that the district is facing scarcity of essential drugs reports say. Many patients  could not access the prescribed drugs for their sickness.  

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