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In Sierra Leone, Zain To Zain – 9 Units; Zain To Other Networks – 12 Units, All Day
Sep 2, 2010, 17:18

Zain today announces a further ‘slash’ of tariff to 9 units per minute for on-net calls (Zain to Zain) and 12 units per minute for off-net calls (Zain to other networks), all day. This has enabled its subscribers to enjoy up to 70% reduction in call charges made within the network (Zain to Zain or on-net) and to other networks (off-net). The company still maintains its free calls within the hours of 2 am to 5 am.

All these come in the wake of a 60% drastic reduction of off-net tariff about a month ago. With this tariff, customers can call for 9 units on-net and 12 units off-net throughout the day. Early testimonial revelations from numerous subscribers show that Zain is now the most economically viable network and that is now the most preferred network by all segments including the youths.

For an emerging economy like Sierra Leone’s, the introduction of the ‘Fambul Tariff’ including the reduction of the off-net tariff as affordable as 12 units speaks of goodwill, compassion and love.  For most people in Sierra Leone, survival is a daily battle but Zain being a caring ‘Fambul’ has helped in uncountable ways to make life better for all by bridging the communication gap at an affordable and accessible rate. In short, they are a life wire to Sierra Leone’s economy.

Zain’s Commercial Director, Keith Tukei says the Fambul Tariff and all its discounts are applicable across Sierra Leone and do not, like similar products in the market, limit subscribers to specific zones.

“Fambul Tariff” is the first such offer in the market. Our subscribers will benefit from it irrespective of wherever they are in Sierra Leone. “You do not have to enjoy the benefit only when you are at a particular place or zone,” Keith explained.


As the company continues to break new ground and deliver new solutions, they’re focused on delivering the high-quality customer service which is their desired heritage.

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