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In Sierra Leone, 50th Year Independence Committee Updates Press
By Bampia Bundu
Sep 3, 2010, 17:02

The chairman of the 50-Year-Independence Anniversary Committee recently set up by APC government has briefed the press on their activities. In the usual Thursday Information Ministry press briefing, Chairman William Conteh told newsmen this week that as a special committee for the purpose of strategizing for the independence occasion in 2011, their mandate falls within four areas, namely to revive the season of national pride in diversity, rebrand and showcase the virtues of Sierra Leone both locally and internationally, consolidate peace and foster development as legacies that Sierra Leoneans will leave to remember.

He said their mandate was well thought out to help people compare various development structures put in place since 1961 to present, in addition to showcasing Sierra Leone as a country now open for investment in business and tourism particularly.   He also spoke of part of their responsibility to showcase religious tolerance amongst the people of this country.

He noted that they have chosen an exclusive logo for the 50th Anniversary celebration, and that it is an offence for any business or advertising entity to make use of their logo without being granted authorization by the committee.

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