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In Sierra Leone, Hotel Owners’ Federation Ready to Create Impact
By Bampia Bundu
Sep 3, 2010, 17:06

The interim chairman of Hotel, Catering and Entertainment Employers’ Federation (HCEEF), Tamba Allieu-Kokobay on Thursday 2nd September 2010 outlined developmental strategies to be undertaken by the organization in the coming months.

In an exclusive interview with the Chairman at his Kimbima Hotel Office in Freetown, he said the federation was now ready to tell people that their 20 years of existence can bring meaning to development of hospitality in the country.  He regretted to say that during those years little progress was made by the federation because of lack of commitment by both the membership and the succeeding executives.

On the aims and objective of the federation, Mr. Kokobay said their responsibility is to encourage and maintain increased productivity for the general enhancement of the tourist industry geared towards a sustainable economic growth, to strive to maximize concern for better management and trade unionism relationships and other related government policies. “In furtherance of our objectives, the federation helps promote peace, social justice and democracy amongst its membership irrespective of nationality, color, or beliefs,” he stated.  He said that is done through seeking affiliation with other National and International Employers’ Federations. “As a federation, we strive to raise and maintain funds for the relief of members during legitimate Trade Union disputes and/or in the case of harassment, victimization and other forms of commercial breaches from any quarters,” he furthered.

He however, hastened to observe that their role as a federation was supervisory as a union, as they do not wholly interfere with the general business affairs of members’ establishments. “The federation can assist or advice on request to ensure internal freedom, unity and diversity of expression in accordance with the tenets of the constitution,” Mr. Alieu-Kokobay said.

He however, informed that they were yet to officially register as a Trade Union with the Registrar General’s Office. He said once that is done they will rally round hotel owners who have not come on board to register with the federation and have the opportunity to be protected under an umbrella organization.

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