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In Sierra Leone, Women’s Group Launch Attack Against Alcoholism
Sep 3, 2010, 17:10

A move to tackle Fatal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) was recently launched by White Ribbon Vocational Institute at Adesanya St, Brookfields in Freetown in collaboration with Christian Women Temperance Union. According to the organizers, they are set to sensitize women countrywide about the hazards of alcoholism especially during pregnancy.

According to the Director of the Institute, Pastor Jeremiah Georgestone, pregnant women that indulge in alcoholism cause the death or deformity of thousands of new-born babies.

Speaking to journalists, Pastor Georgestone said that due to political, economic, social &cultural upheavals in post-war Sierra Leone, the rate of alcohol consumption among women has increased astronomically. This apart from damaging the mothers he said, also adversely affects the well-being of the fetus and newly-born babies. This he added is not good for any developing country which heavily relies on the upcoming generation for its posterity. “If the larger percentage of our future leaders is mentally retarded then our future as a nation is bleak because they will be slow to learn and bring about positive results,” the Director maintained. 

Against, this backdrop, the Director, Pastor Jeremiah Georgestone said that as an organization, they are principally galvanizing all their efforts to put a stop to this menace and would do all within their power to include the involvement of political, traditional and religious leaders in the fight against alcoholism.


Commenting on the issue of alcoholism and its negative effects, the Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation, Mohamed Daudis Koroma told reporters that one means of reducing the habit of people taking to alcohol would be the imposition of heavy taxes on producers and retailers that would ensure high prices which will likely reduce demand.

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