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In Sierra Leone, Lebanese President Disclaims Citizenship Agitator
By Aruna Turay
Sep 6, 2010, 13:39

The President of the Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone, Samir Hassanyeh has disclaimed one Ayoub Nasser said to be a Palestinian agitating for the right of Lebanese to grant them citizenship in Sierra Leone. At his Rawdon Street office on Friday last week, the president told newsmen that the man who has been publishing articles in local tabloids purporting the right to citizenship guarantee to Lebanese nationals in Sierra Leone is not speaking on behalf of the Lebanese community in this country.


President Hassanyeh said Ayoub Nasser is not a Lebanese and therefore has no right to speak on behalf of the Lebanese community in Sierra Leone. ďAs the President of the Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone, I am the only authorized person to speak on behalf of that community and no one else,Ē he impressed.¬† He said on that note and on behalf of the Lebanese community, he was using that forum to let all Sierra Leoneans and Lebanese Nationals know that Ayoub Nasser is not part of them and will never speak on their behalf on any occasion. He said no one was urging the President or any other Sierra Leonean to fast track their citizenship as Sierra Leoneans as falsely claimed by Ayoub Nasser, nor is any Lebanese national planning to go on hunger strike in that regard.

Mr. Hassanyeh however, revealed that he has gone through the 1973 Citizenship Act as reviewed in 2006 and that he observed that there are certain discriminatory clauses for which he had had several meetings with H.E the President with a suggestion to discuss the said clauses.¬† ďThe president has assured me that he will go through those clauses and if necessary recommend a review to the House of Parliament. He said that was what the Committee was patiently waiting to be addressed.¬†


He on behalf his membership pleaded with Sierra Leoneans to withhold their anger against the Lebanese Community as the record is being put straight that Ayoub Nasser is not talking on their behalf. He also appealed to journalists to refrain from publishing articles blaming them for Ayoub Nasserís attitude.¬†

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