From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Years ending in 2 are Horror Years for APC
Sep 6, 2010, 13:43

In 2007, people predicted that superstition means that years ending in 7 are bad for SLPP. Well, years ending in 2 are equally bad years for APC.

1962 - After Shaki tried to make himself a stakeholder with his Elections before Independence Movement (EBIM), he was sidelined and e make bad hart en form APC in 1962.

1972 -Shaki, unsure about his hold on power went on a hound-down, arrest, and execute spree. After his major allies abandoned him to form UDP (Taqi, Forna, and Karefa Smart) & of course Brigadier Bangura etc and of course the massive elections looting followed in 1973.

1982 - Labour Congress strikes, student strikes, and general ferment that nearly brought the APC government to its knees and badly weakened it.

1992-Hahahahaha- spirit pass.

2002 Morless for APC.

2012-Ehemmm- the eye dae wach

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