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National Reporters Condemn Magistrate Shyllon’s Threats
By Abubakarr Jalloh National Secretary-General Sierra Leone Reporters Union (SLRU)
Sep 7, 2010, 17:02

The Sierra Leone Reporters Union is unhappy to learn that the Presiding Magistrate of Court No. 3 Magistrate Shyllon has used his authority to issue threatening remarks vowing to send a practicing journalist, Arthwa Maddie of For Di People Newspaper, to prison for eight (8) days, if he sets eyes on him in the vicinity of the court.

The threatening remarks came as a result of a story published by For Di People Newspaper on August 18, about a rape case during which Magistrate Shyllon ordered Constable 781 Kamara attached to his Court, to detain Arthwa Maddie unlawfully for four hours, where prisoners are kept.

On 20th August, another story was published by the For Di People newspaper using Arthwa Maddie’s photo to explain to the public about the issue that led to his detention and Magistrate Shyllon also took offence and threatened to detain Arthwa Maddie.

The Union condemns the threatening remarks by Magistrate Shyllon and believe that such remarks hinder the profession of Arthwa Maddie to perform his duties.

The Union takes great exception to that and calls on Magistrate Shyllon to withdraw his threatening remarks and to seek another method of redress through the Independent Media Commision, if he feels aggrieved.

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