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JOLLIBOY! - Solomon Pratt's Book is now available for Purchase Online
By S.A.J. Pratt
Sep 15, 2010, 21:17

Solomon recounts the story of his life as a starch selling lad missing school sessions one morning every week; facing the dreaded spectre of failure at his Final Year at Fourah Bay College; regarded as unqualified to be enrolled as a student in Oxford University; his close association with the First P.M. of Sierra Leone (Sir Milton Margai) and his sudden death, followed by the Premiership of Sir Albert Margai; his administration of the Sierra Leone Railway as General Manager, poisoned tongues falsely accusing him of closing down the system; his role in the 1967 S.L. General Elections; and subsequent detention after the N.R.C Army coup; the dangerous part he played in the overthrow of the Military junta; his appointment as a Cabinet Minister in 1968; his political contributions as Group of 77 Spokesmanduring the Debate for the Restoration of the Legitimate Rights of Beijing China, as Chairman of the Security Council at the birth of Bangladesh, and as Legal Spokesman of S.W.A.P.O. (Namibian Freedom Fighters).

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