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In Sierra Leone, Cleric Makes Clarion Call for Review of Sierra Leone’s Archaic Laws (*CORRECTED)
Sep 13, 2010, 18:04

At a Thanksgiving ceremony yesterday at the Saint George's Cathedral Church marking the official opening of the 2010/2011 Judicial Year, a senior member of the Clergy in his capacity as Preacher of the occasion called on government to review the country’s archaic laws as a way of ensuring the fair dispensation of justice in the country.


According to him, the causes of the eleven years war “cannot be unconnected with the prevalence of injustice, misrule, greed and wickedness in the country at the time,” and therefore called on all Sierra Leoneans with particular emphasis on operatives within the judicial system to ensure that justice is meant for all irrespective of status or stature in society.

Rt. Rev. Arnold C. Temple: He wants Law review

He particularly singled out the Executive as the major executioner of injustice in the country, given the tremendous powers wielded within that arm of government which in most cases he noted, are being misplaced.


“The misplacement of justice and misrule by the Executive was the main cause of the eleven years war in Sierra Leone,” Rev. Temple noted, and point out that the main source of such misplacements of justice are found in the country’s archaic laws still embedded in the country’s legal system.


“There still remain in the country’s law books, outdated laws that are discriminatory” and called for them to be reviewed to suit the environment of present times.

CORRECTED for "Anthony" to read "George"

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