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SLPP ‘Small Borbor’ to Represent Youth at Special Advisory Committee
By Aruna Turay
Sep 13, 2010, 18:02

In recognition of his progressive role in promoting the ideals of the party as the youngest and only SLPP Councilor in the Western Rural District Council, Councilor Ibrahim Kabba, aka ‘Small Borbor’ has been selected to join a team of elders on the Special Advisory Committee set up by the SLPP hierarchy to screen the twenty-three intending aspirants for the flag bearer position of the party.

This was revealed by the party’s National Secretary General, Jacob Jusu Saffa in an exclusive chat with our reporter at the close of last week. Mr. Saffa said the party hierarchy holds Councilor Kabba in high esteem owing to his good natured approach and progressive strides in flying the party’s flag high.


“This has compelled the executive to recognize this young man by selecting him to serve on the panel of our party’s elders that comprise the Special Advisory Committee,” Mr. Saffa informed, adding that the Special Committee was carefully chosen to include people who are independent-minded SLPP members that have served both the country and the party efficiently.

The National Secretary General highlighted that the mandate of the Committee is hinged on carrying out an independent, open and transparent interview process for all aspirants including review of letters of intent and other documents presented by the candidates, holding discussions with aspirants on the provision of the National Constitution, other national laws, the party constitution and the rules and regulations for election of Presidential Candidates, amongst other responsibilities.

He said it out of no mistake that Small Borbor was appointed to represent the youth of the party in the highest body in the party. The Councilor is the only political representative of the party in the Western Rural District Council and has so far displayed maturity, good and progressive representation in all his areas of command and its surroundings.

Reacting to his appointment, Councilor Ibrahim Kabba thanked the party’s hierarchy for having trust in him and bestowing confidence in his ability to represent the youth of the party in that August Committee. He admitted that the task ahead of him is enormous and challenging but assured that he will do all in his ability meet the expectations of his constituency. He called on the youth of the party to cooperate with him by giving him all the necessary support he needs in facing this challenge, while assuring that he will not let them down and that he will continue to fly the SLPP flag high while in council.

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