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In Sierra Leone, Police Commended for Maintaining the Peace at Ramadan
By Aruna Turay
Sep 14, 2010, 17:00

Personnel of the Sierra Leone Police Force attached to the Lumley, Aberdeen, Goderich communities in the west end of Freetown received commendations from residents in those crime prone areas for maintaining the peace during the festive Ramadan day on Friday 10th September.  Special praises were showered on the Local Unit Commanders of both Lumley and Congo Cross Police Divisions for their professional manner their detailed police personnel around the beach areas conducted themselves.

Our reporter was out and about community praying grounds and beaches and was very impressed with the robust police presence throughout the areas on that day.  The two LUCs were said to have deployed hundreds of police personnel to ensure that worshipers performed their holy duties in a peaceful atmosphere.


Most of the celebrants spoken to within the various communities told our reporter that they were indeed impressed with personnel of those two divisions.  I was personally impressed with the robust presence of the police to ensure that we celebrated Ramadan in peaceful environment, a bar and restaurant owner, Mr. Kalil Azeem said.  He said contrary to what they expected, they operated their businesses throughout without fear of any criminal attacks on them, while calling on the police to keep the pace. 

A British national who identified herself as Asarr Buck of the British Police Marine Force also made her impression on the performance of the police during Ramadan. She said her visit to Sierra Leone on summer vacation was worthwhile with satisfactory police operations around beach areas particularly. She however pleaded with the government to give more logistical support to the police to do their job effectively.  

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