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In Sierra Leone, Sub-Regional Training for Performance Auditors Kicks Off
By Martin Sandy
Sep 15, 2010, 17:04

Audit Service Sierra Leone in collaboration with African Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions-English Speaking countries (AFROSAI-E) has commenced a weeks training course for Performance Auditors in the sub region. 

During the opening ceremony at Hill Valley Hotel on Monday 13th September, 2010, the Deputy Auditor General for Training and Development, Mr. Vidal Paul-Coker welcomed participants to the first of three module courses. He noted that the training will enable Performance Auditors to work independently in line with established audit plans and implement Performance Audit methods as laid down by AFROSAI-E Audit Standards. He urged them to make good use of the opportunity as it will enable them to contribute positively to the development of the nation.

Speaking on behalf of the Auditor General, the Deputy Auditor General for Finance, Mrs. Lara Taylor-Pearce stated that capacity building is an on-going process especially in new specialised audit areas, adding that the training exercise would strengthen the staff and make them equipped to surmount the challenges in the execution of the audit work.

She reminded the participants of their role to safeguard public money and ensure that it is used prudently in order to enhance efficient service delivery. The need for capacity building in performance auditing through a formal and certified training programme cannot be over emphasized as it is very crucial and will enable performance Auditors  to work independently in line with established Audit plans, Said Mrs. Taylor  Pearce.

The AFROSAI-E Performance Audit Manager, Bengt Sundgren said though Performance Audit do not in itself criticise political association, it however can criticise their limitations. He noted that Performance Audit is new in Sierra Leone for which she said the organization recommended on the number of participants to be least 10 people. He therefore told them that the training was a mere capacity building course, not a competition.

The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee in Parliament, Hon. Victor Chukuma Johnson in his keynote address said that it is perfectly correct to say that government resources are public resources owned by all and therefore, must be utilised in the best way possible to ensure Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness. He pointed out that Audit Service Sierra Leone provides parliament and the public at large with independent, timely and objective information on the performance of activities and programmes funded from public resources.  He said the role of the Audit Service Division also covers the provision of adequate information for use in decision making. The Public Accounts Committee is glad that the work of Performance Audit Division in Audit Service Sierra Leone is yielding great dividend as recommendations in the Performance Audit report produced by the institution was highly acknowledged in a report set up by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, he disclosed.

The training program commenced with Mrs. Musu Combey, Head of the Performance Audit Division explaining to participants about the schedule of the one-week training program, including giving vital information to the foreign participants. This training program will end on the 17th September, 2010.

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