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In Sierra Leone, ALLFOUNDERS to Host Global Summit for University Students
By Aruna Turay
Sep 15, 2010, 17:08

A local Non-Governmental Organization, ALLFOUNDERS and Inventors Club operating in Sierra Leone, will host a two-day global business summit for university students, especially new graduates from recognized universities in Sierra Leone from 29th to 30th September 2010 at the British Council Hall on Tower Hill, Freetown.

This was disclosed by the Chief of Administrator of the ALLFOUNDERS and Inventors Club, Lawrence Spencer-Coker in an exclusive interview with the Awareness Times on Tuesday 14th September 2010. According to Mr. Spencer-Coker, his organization is a local Ngo that is gearing towards promoting business among university students in Sierra Leone.

He disclosed that the summit will draw students from various universities and other tertiary institutions in Sierra Leone to include IPAM, FBC, COMAHS, Njala, and Milton Margia College of Education and Technology (MMCET) on the theme; My Job, owns my own business.


He went on that the summit will target recent graduates from these institutions as well as students from other African countries currently enrolled at universities, colleges, and other tertiary institutions. According to Mr. Spencer-Coker the summit will help the students on how to become successful in business if they chose so as a career. The goal of the summit Mr. Spencer-Coker noted is to inspire, inform and prepare the next generation of successful founders and inventors in business, assist existing founders and inventors in business to generate wealth through their investments, do a detailed introduction of ALLFOUNDERS to the public and above all to raise funds for ALLFOUNDERS particularly through new memberships.

Outlining the programme, Mr. Spencer Coker explained that day one will see through topics such as, best finds for business inventions, live your passion, what should I register as, find the cash, good accounting helps you make money and interactive art exhibition, while day two will treat topics such as, just do it, what is your business really worth, power of branding, making it to the top, case studies on exit strategies and live art exhibition to be facilitated by well respected and progressive individuals in the field of business in Sierra Leone.

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