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In Sierra Leone, PPSL blames unsafe abortions on unwanted Pregnancies
By Aruna Turay
Sep 15, 2010, 17:12

The BCC/Advocacy Manager for Plan Parenthood Association in Sierra Leone (PPA-SL), Brima Kamara has told newsmen that unwanted pregnancies are a leading cause of unsafe abortions in Sierra Leone.


Mr. Brima Kamara made this disclosure on Tuesday, 14th September 2010 in an interview with newsmen at his office in Freetown. According to Mr. Kamara an unwanted pregnancy is a pregnancy that is not needed by the individual or couple. He stated that many unwanted pregnancies occur because some young girls and women have no access to information and services about family planning or may become pregnant as a result of rape or acts of incest, do not discuss family planning with their partners due to fear of being beaten or perceived as prostitutes, have partners who totally oppose to the use of family planning methods due to ignorance or cultural beliefs, negative peer influence which affect the intake and use of family planning methods. The Advocacy Manager went on that as a result most unwanted pregnancies usually end up with criminal or unsafe abortions being done on such women. Unsafe abortions are either self-induced by the use of dangerous substances or drugs or manually done by a healthcare provider who has inadequate skills, works in unsanitary facilities with unsterilized instruments or uses dangerous techniques, said Mr. Kamara, adding, Unsafe abortions can lead to complications such as heavy bleeding with severe abdominal pain, perforation of the womb, reduced future chances of child birth as a result of infertility, chronic abdominal pain due to infections, and sometimes death.

According to Mr. Kamara the use of modern family planning methods are the only effective and reliable ways of preventing unwanted pregnancies, adding that they help to plan sexual and family life, make responsible decision on when and how to have the number of children, choose the family planning method of your choice, have children by choice and not by chance, and above all promote a happy and healthy family life by having the number of children one can care for. He therefore called on members of the public to space their children and ensure a happy life. 

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