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In Sierra Leone, Zainís Across-The-Board Tariff Reduction is a Benefit to Subscribers
Sep 16, 2010, 17:14

Zain-Sierra Leone unleashed its tariff reduction program almost two weeks ago, and this reduction has positively affected subscribers country-wide, owing to the wide nature of their network. The reduction program keeps Zain tariff lower than the average price level of other mobile carriers as the operator remains the best value for consumers.


The tariff drop program has saved Zain subscribers airtime for every minute of voice calls, for pre-paying and post-paying subscribers respectively and the package is applicable to all Zainís current and new users. Especially, Zain also provides attractive optional packages to on-net users such as Web2SMS, a service that allows subscribers send text messages to over 50 people at once; and the free WAP browsing, and has plans to launch big promotions in the most ahead. Since its official launch, in a bid to give users the simplest mobile experience ever, Zain markets BlackBerry service, a service that keeps you connected to both your data and voice calls on the go even within the One-Network Zones.

ĎCustomersí benefit is always a key target of Zainís development strategies. This tariff reduction initiatively represents Zainís commitment of an advanced, yet convenient and (best value) mobile service for users. Furthermore, Zain will move on with more attractive plans and value-added services to make sure that customers get the highest value for money. ďOur goal is not only to provide a mobile network at reasonable price but also network quality, VAS which are the factors for sustainable development of ZainĒ, said Mr. Keith Tukei, Zainís Commercial Director.

In the market of increasingly intense competition of today, in tandem with network quality, add-on services and promotion programs play a vital role in drawing customers. Consistent with its commitment to become the most Loved Brand in Sierra Leone which guarantees users the interesting experience of a state-of-the-art mobile network and professional customer services, Zain is on the right track in bringing customers more utilities and added value towards satisfaction, hence great benefit.

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