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In Sierra Leone, Commonwealth Workshop on Budgetary Monitoring & Reporting starts
By Sayoh Kamara
Sep 16, 2010, 17:26

The Commonwealth Secretariat in collaboration with the Centre for Policy and Development (CPD) yesterday, Wednesday 15th September 2010 started a three-day training workshop for media practitioners and members of civil society groups on sustainable monitoring and reporting on the budgetary process in Sierra Leone at the Bamoi hotel in Freetown.


This is phase II of the workshop, the first phase being held sometime in February 2008. The objectives of this phase according to the organizers are manifold inter alia; to enhance the role of civil society and the media in advocacy, lobbying and citizens engagement; enhance the understanding of the roles of civil society and the media on matters relating to the national budget and various interventions in the budget cycle; enhance skills and knowledge of the civil society and the media on budget reporting, monitoring and evaluation of government performance; increase collaboration between media actors and citizens interested in the budgetary process and to create an effective and systematic network between media and civil society among others.


At the end of the sessions, it is expected that participants will understand the roles of civil society and media advocacies, lobbying and citizens engagement, participants will be interested in following or monitoring the expenditure cycle of the national budget, develop civil society and media network for the budget reporting etc., and develop strategies for sustainable monitoring and reporting on budget matters among other expectations.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information & Communications delivered the keynote address on behalf of the Minister and performed the official opening of the workshop. Mr. Orin Gordon, the Training Consultant gave an overview of the workshop as part of the opening. During the session proper, Dr. Bob Conteh made a presentation on, How to monitor the budgetary process, best practices and linkages to public finance management systems while Mrs. Sarah Sankoh, Councillor and Chairperson of the Finance Committee at the Western Area District Council and Mr. David Kalete, Head of the Civil Society Desk at the Commonwealth Secretariat made presentations on Gender responsive budgeting to advance gender equality and The role of civil society and media in advocacy, lobbying and citizens engagement respectively. The session was interactive with allocations for questions, comments and answers.

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