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In Sierra Leone, Over 150,000 Client Registered with Splash Mobile Money
By Bampia Bundu
Sep 16, 2010, 17:24

One of the leading mobile money transfer companies in Sierra Leone, Splash Mobile Money has registered over 150,000 clients across the country in their first year of operation.


This was relayed to the press in a meeting between a select media houses and members of the management team of the company yesterday at the company’s Wilkinson Road Head Office in Freetown.


The Executive Director of Splash Mobile Money, Sheka Forna commended the media for their support and commitment in promoting the activities and products of the company during the period under review and assured them of his company’s continued partnership and support at all time.

He disclosed the company’s new working partnership with Zain, Africell and Comium mobile telecommunication companies to further enhance his company’s transaction. He described the services rendered by these companies so far as “wonderful” and expressed appreciation of the new partnership.

Splash M.D and Executive Director pose for the camera

Mr. Forna said their company provides one of the most reliable mobile money transfer systems in the country as it is the first mobile money transfer company in Sierra Leone. He explained that at the initial stage of the start of operations in September 2009, they faced certain challenges but, with commitment determination, they were able to overcome these challenges within their first three month of implementation of the pilot phase. “We overcame the challenges and since then we have been experiencing successes as we expand from one place to another throughout the country,” Mr. Forna recounted. He expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Finance and other line Ministries for their support at various levels, and singled out the Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone and the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank for special thanks for what he said was their “unflinching support” to his company particularly during those trying times of the pilot phase.

The Managing Director, Michael P. Foley noted that a product like mobile money transfer gives people the opportunity to have their first step in the formal economy, disclosing that the product has enabled the estimated 80% of Sierra Leoneans with mobile phones to experience formal business transaction through the mobile phone money transfer mechanism provided by the Splash Mobile Money Transfer service.

He disclosed the introduction of the Splash Mobile Money Shopping the pilot phase of which he said is being worked on. This product, Mr. Foley maintained, will give their customers the laxity of using their mobile phones once again to do supermarket shopping. The pilot phase he disclosed is being implemented with the Freetown Supermarket. He encouraged customers to subscribe to the new product an feel comfort, reliability and safety in their transactions.

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