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In Sierra Leone, Standard Chartered joins the Dow Jones Sustainability Index
By Kumba Ngongou
Sep 17, 2010, 16:18

One of the leading Banks in Sierra Leone, Standard Chartered Bank, on 14th September 2010 - joins the ranks of 47 leading companies on corporate sustainability, having received a place on the coveted Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) 2010. The bank was recognised for its high performance in stakeholder engagement, human capital development, risk and crisis management, financial inclusion and climate change governance. This was revealed in a press release. According to the release its states that the DJSI World is the most highly regarded sustainability index among the investor community. Competition to be included in the index is increasingly tough with the number of entries increasing by 20 per cent within the last two years. More than 40 companies were delisted from the index this year.

Companies hoping for inclusion on the annual index are examined closely against a wide range of criteria in the economic, environmental and social spheres. The economic sphere covers consistency in branding practices, the structure of the board, policies against corruption and the size of audit fees. Environmental factors range from water use and CO2 emissions to the quality of environmental audit. The social dimension takes account of employee consultation, gender pay equality and stakeholder engagement amongst others. In addition, a number of sector-specific criteria are applied. Companies on the index are monitored throughout the year, ensuring that their practice matches up to their policy when responding to events. Gill James, Group Head of Sustainability, said, Building a sustainable business is key to achieving long-term profit and return for our shareholders. Standard Chartered has a longstanding commitment to benefiting the communities in which we operate, where we develop deep relationships with our clients; influence how they do business for the better, and growing a family of staff dedicated to achieving these goals. We are pleased to join other leading organizations that share this ambition.

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