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In Sierra Leone, UBA Bank holds 3rd Jogging-to-Bond Exercise
By Bampia Bundu
Sep 20, 2010, 12:08

One of the leading banks in Sierra Leone, United Bank for Africa (UBA) on Saturday, 18th September 2010 engaged in what it dubs as ‘Jogging-to-Bond Exercise which entailed free jogging of members of staff, their family members and a cross section of customers and well wishers. It is the third in a series and the exercise took the joggers from the Bank’s Headquarters at Charlotte Street to the National Stadium in Freetown.

Speaking to this medium, the Managing Director-UBA-SL, Soni Anwal noted disclosed that the Jogging-to-Bond Exercise is aimed at enhancing the physical wellbeing of its staff, and to relax their minds and brains to ensure their efficient output. He noted the difficult and complex nature of working in a bank, which he admits occupies the human mind and brain which he says are integral organs of a human being.

“We think our staff need such relaxing exercise to free their minds and brains of the stress they find themselves in while working out figures and ensuring the effective performance of the bank as it relates to service delivery to its numerous customers,” Mr. Anwal posited.

He also noted the limited time available to staff for leisure and exercise, which is why he maintained, that the session is important, adding that it is part of the bank’s policy to keep its staff well and active at all times.

Mr. Anwal pointed out however that the main aim of this exercise is to create “a mutual bond between and amongst the staff especially between and amongst senior and junior staff since during the exercise, they will have opportunity to interact with one another and share their concerns in common irrespective of rank or status.”

He UBA Jogging-to-Bond Exercise attracted family members of staff as well as customers as a way of creating a bond that necessarily does not occur within the precincts of the bank. “It is our way of outreach to our customers and colleague members of staff. It is intended to bridge that aura of officialdom and make interaction as ordinary as possible,” the MD asserted. This exercise is replicated by the bank’s branches wherever they are operational around the world another is planned for the end of the year, precisely, in December.

Financial Controller of UBA-SL, Mohamed Sannoh said as staff, they are very happy for the exercise as they look forward to it every year. “It gives us the opportunity to exercise our bodies and minds and makes us fresh at the end of the day, ready to give out more to our cherished customers,” he said. He said the work loads of the bank does not allow them to take time out to exercise as they are always engaged with work either physically or mentally.

He however appealed to management to consider making the exercise a monthly occasion in order to make it more meaningful. “If it is done on a monthly basis, it will help us relax our minds and keep us going,” he suggested.

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