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Sierra Leone Youth blast Government: "Na so, so Alaki nor mor!"
By Sayoh Kamara
Sep 20, 2010, 12:17

As the All People’s Congress (APC) party celebrated over the weekend three years of being at the helm of the governance of Sierra Leone, youths across Freetown have expressed utter dissatisfaction over what they call “meaningless wasteful spending of money on public relations stunts and propaganda to make people believe that they have done sweet something;” while the majority of Sierra Leoneans bask in poverty and hunger. The youth have vowed to teach the APC a good lesson come 2012 “if no move is made by them to improve their lots as human beings.”

This was the general expression by youths from Calaba Town to Lumley.


Brima Turay of Ogoo Lane, Brookfields in an apparent vexatious reaction to how he sees the three years rule of the APC said he has not seen anything tangible except for economic hardship, which he said has led to the people living in destitution and hunger.


Brima Turay noted with disdain in the local parlance, “If de APC den allow we for score goal pan dem before 2012, e go trangah for mek dem equalize,” meaning, ‘if the APC allows the youth to score a goal against them before 2012, it will be difficult for them to equalize'. This literally means that if the APC allows the intense dissatisfaction of the youths against the party to carry on until the elections, it will be difficult for them to get them back on board the APC support team as was the seeming case in 2007.

Abdul Thullah of Wellington, Old Wharf, said he is still to understand why the seeming “jittery” of the APC well ahead of the 2012 elections. “If they had done well for the people to see, it would not have been them telling or showing us, we would have been the ones telling and showing the world what they have done for us. But as it is, they merely want us to believe what they are saying all over the place, but we are seeing nothing,” Abdul said.

Aminata Fofana who sells at the Portee Market, sarcastically told this writer that "the good works" which the APC has done can be seen in the market prices of essential food stuffs.


“We sell the way we buy. Prices are going up every day. We don’t blame the big business people. They are doing business for profit. Similarly so, we are also doing business for profit too. I only pity the poor consumers,” Aminata stated, adding that the government over the three years, “just wan alaki we nor mor” meaning government over the three years period ‘has just been destroying us.’


According to her, the government has not put in place any policy to cushion the economic hardship on the people. “They are just busy completing what the SLPP left. They think we don’t know,” she posited.

What seemed to be a collective publicity stunt and propaganda campaign by the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) party over the last three weeks ahead of their much trumpeted celebration of three years in power did not make any impact, especially on the majority of the electorates in Sierra Leone who are the youths. Most of the youths interviewed say the entire celebration was a farce.

It would be recalled that over the past three weeks or so, the APC administration has been engaged in series of publicity stunts and propaganda in their attempt to show-case what they have done against their fabulous election promises. Engaged in this cash-intensive "campaign of capturing the hearts and minds of Sierra Leoneans" were the President, Government Ministers, Party Stalwarts and paid up journalists cum propagandists. They had over the period engaged every radio station and newspaper they could spend funds on to tell their story.

Head of one of the Youth Advocacy Organizations in the country in sharing his reaction with this writer made this comment, “We are grossly disappointed. Our expectations have not been met. It is like we voted these people to power only to be talking to us in abstract. We have eyes to see. My greatest disappointment is with the way and manner they want to remote control the Youth Commission. But we are waiting. Perhaps that is going to be the last straw to break the camel’s back.”

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