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Sep 21, 2010, 11:00



DE-VAULT (Jay Bees) Night Club on Fire

Local reports have it that on Wednesday 15th September 2010 in Freetown, a mysterious fire gutted down DE-VAULT formerly Jay Bees Night Club.  Although  the cause  of the  fire has not  been unearthed by the police,  speculations  are rife that some anti-opposition forces have hands in the  incident  as the place was  perceived to be a  meeting point  for  key SLPP stalwarts including the complexs leasee, John Oponjo Benjamin.


Dr. John Kerefa-Smart Laid to Rest

The veteran politician, educationist and role model, Dr. John Albert Karefa-Smart who passed away early this month in Freetown has been laid to rest on Sunday September 30th in his hometown of Rotifunk in the Moyamba District, Southern Sierra Leone. The burial ceremony was attended by personalities from all walks of life, prominent among them bigwigs of the ruling All Peoples Congress Party.

Grave Threat to Chimps Population in Sierra Leone

News have it that local wildlife experts last week Thursday pointed out that chimps are facing grave threat in Sierra Leone as compared to other West African States. This according to reports was blamed on the insatiable desire of local rural communities for bush meat. The Program Director of Chimpanzee Conservation Sanctuary in Tacugama, Mr. Bala  Amarasekaran  is reported to have warned that if the consumption pattern  of chimpanzees is  not checked,  it would dwindle the countrys estimated 5,000 chimps population. 

Ghanaian 419er Dupes Farmers

One Nana Kofi Asante, a Ghanaian who claims to be a Paramount Chief from the Asante Region in Ghana who has been partnering with the News Harvest Development Office (NEHADO) since April 2010, has reportedly duped farmers country wide million of Leones.  Nana Kofi Asante is said to have lured farmers into paying Le 4,000.00 into his bank accounts for four passport pictures each on the pretext that he would supply them seedlings and loans. Police sources maintain that alerts have been sent to all border crossings to aid in the nabbing of the Ghanaian 419ner who reports say is on the run.

Sierra Leone Experiences Guinean Refugees

Socio- political commentators have pointed out that on Thursday 16th September, 2010 Sierra Leone experienced the first set of Guinean refugees, most of whom have Sierra Leone connections. About six truck load of refugees reports say were fleeing that Francophone state due to political conflict that is now claiming defenseless lives.

Mines Ministry Challenged


Reports monitored from local tabloids reveal that the decision by the Ministry of Mineral Resources to prevent Sierra Rutile Company from paying surface rents to the Thomas Sabbah and Khalilu Gbanya Families has been challenged. The two aggrieved families reports say intend taking legal action against the ministry for what they describe as not only deliberate political ploy but an attempt to destroy their families

Lawyer Jenkins-Johnston Takes Over Ambassador Wifes Case

Reports from court are that last Friday September 17th 2010, Lawyer James Blyden Jenkins Johnston announced his representation for Mrs. Hawa Turay who dragged her husband, the dispelled former ambassador to Russia Dr. Sallieu Turay and four others to court. The ex-ambassador and others are before Magistrate H.H Davies Cole at the Freetown Magistrate Court No. 11 on four counts of conspiracy to commit felony, assault occasioning in actual bodily harm, wounding and larceny. Lawyer Jenkins-Johnston has reportedly informed the magistrate that he would be taking over prosecution of the matter together with lawyer Martha Sesay. The matter will come up again on 27th September, 2010.

Another Sea Collision Claims Two

Two fishermen are feared dead as a result of another sea collision involving a trawler and a local fishing vessel. Orbai Fofana and Aruna Kargbo according to reports got missing when their boat, Salone Stars collided with Twin Port City 103 belonging to Sierra Fisheries off Cape Sierra. Observers of sea transportation say the hike in death toll is because fishermen refuse   to put on life jackets when at sea in spite of Maritime Administrations insistence for sea safety.

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