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In Sierra Leone, W.A.N.E.P ends Annual Meeting in Makeni
By Kelfa Sannoh (Intern)
Sep 21, 2010, 11:08

The West Africa Network for Peace Building-Sierra Leone (W.A.N.E.P-SL) on Saturday 18th September 2010 concluded a two-day Annual General Meeting (AGM), the 9th in a series at the Abbati Hall, Fatima Institute, University of Makeni on the theme: Sierra Leones Agenda for Change-Rebuilding Hope.

In his opening remarks, the W.A .N.E.P Coordinator, Edward Kingston Jombla welcomed the delegates informing them of the changes in the usual business of holding the AGM for only a day. He informed that this years meeting will last for two days to be characterized by thorough deliberations on issues hinging on the welfare of members and sustenance of the network.

He encouraged the delegates to look at the theme critically as a civil society network by way of identifying its flaws and shortcomings with regards the implementation of the policy in the interest of the people.

The Regional Board representative, Dr. Christiana Thorpe reminded the delegates of their responsibility as civil society members in watching over issues that have to deal with the preservation of human dignity, noting that it is paramount in their fight for peace to prevail in their country and in the sub region generally. She exhorted delegates to be mindful of the mission and vision of the network in their deliberations by highlighting any challenge the implementation of the Agenda for change might pose. She also implored the delegates to maintain their honour and respect as civil society actors, noting that by their exemplary performance, they would be serving as role models for the young. She however warned that if they fail to establish and maintain peace and tolerance today, there would not be any peace and tolerance for the countrys and sub regions future generations.

The Board Chairman, Abdulai D. Swaray welcomed and congratulated new members into the peace building family, and encouraged them to be paying their annual subscriptions as a show of their commitment to the peace building effort of the network. He informed them that over the two-day
period, they would be told more about W.A.N.E.P. and what it stands.

An Auditors report on the networks finances and accounts was read by Edmond Abu. Although he gave a general clean bill of health to the accounts, he highlighted certain lapses which he attributed to
poor recording procedure. He cited an example which had to do with a certain fund which was dolled out to the network for the purpose buying a vehicle but was recorded under hire. He stated that such poor record entry is not good for the networks accountability, and advised that next time financial records should be done with clarity and the purposes also clearly spelt out to avoid ambiguity. He encouraged the accountants to always refer to the National Public Procurement Act, which he noted, is the guide and guard for procurement of all kinds of State and Non-State enterprises or organization as long as their funds deal with funds that are of public interest.

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