From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Sierra Leone's Leicester Road Community Hails SLPP Philanthropist
By Dauda Koroma
Sep 21, 2010, 11:11

Residents of Leicester Road have expressed appreciation over the expressed intention of one of the sons of the soil to reconstruct the road linking Tree Planting to Berry Street.

Edward D. Ernest Coker an intending candidate of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in the forthcoming Parliamentary election in 2012 had disclosed to the community people this intention on the note that the community was suffering unnecessarily due to the absence of a good road linking the community with the greater Freetown. He is said to have also noted the unavailability of adequate water supply facilities and no police presence to help coil the rampant crime rate in the community. He told the people at a meeting held over the weekend of his intention to reconstruct the main linking road, provide water supply facilities and ensure the presence of police personnel by constructing a police post which he said he will donate to the Sierra Leone Police.

Mr. Coker once again disclosed his intention to run for the Parliamentary seat of that Constituency 106, noting however that he would not just tell the people his intention without demonstrating his good intentions for the wellbeing of the people.


“I have heard your cries, and I have been moved by what your have been crying for,” he told the people, and assured, “Your cries will hence forth stop as I have come to help you out of your years of predicament.”

He said the road reconstruction will start in November this year to be followed by the construction of twenty standing public taps within the community.


“It is not only when people have power should they work for their people. I am starting now before you give me power as a demonstration of my commitment to seeking your collective interest,” Mr. Coker assured. He therefore called on the support and cooperation of the people during the implementation of the projects.

Speaking on behalf of the Community Chiefs, Pa Foday M. Kamara welcomed the ideas of the politician noting that they are especially looking forward to the road reconstruction. Pa Kamara accused the current Councilor and Parliamentarian of their “insensitivity” to their plight, noting that they are aware of those concerns of the community, but according to him, “they are not bothered by our predicament,” he said. He thanked Mr. Coker for “even thinking about our problems” and prayed that God Almighty helps him through his good intentions. He assured the politician of the community’s fullest support.

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