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Embarrassment as Sierra Leone President's Propagandist Manufactures Support from Key News Publisher
By Awareness Times
Sep 21, 2010, 11:17

As if all the discordant ‘Vuvuzela’ noise in Freetown and other Sierra Leone towns was not enough, the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) through Newstime Africa, one of their unlicensed and unregistered propaganda outlets on the Internet seem to be desperate to seek endorsement from the wider Sierra Leone populace in the Diaspora with an inane attempt to use the name of the popular but fiercely independent Publisher of this medium to promote the APC Leader and Head of State, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.


Ahmed Kamara, one of the London based propagandists for Ernest Bai Koroma yesterday Monday September 20th 2010 caused quite a stir when he purported to have published material he claimed was authored and granted to him by Publisher Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden with a screaming headline of “SYLVIA BLYDEN CONFIRMS THAT PRESIDENT KOROMA HOLDS AN UNBLEMISHED AND ENVIABLE PUBLIC RECORD”.


Whilst Ahmed Kamara and his cohorts, which include the country's notoriously corrupt Foreign Minister Zainab Bangura, might have felt they were helping President Koroma, it really ended up just being very embarrassing for President Koroma’s international image when Sylvia Blyden herself, currently based in London on vacation, had to yesterday post an immediate international message disclaiming any association with that news outlet let alone the professed claim that she had confirmed any such praises.


To make the situation even more embarrassing for President Koroma who is attending the world gathering at the United Nations with the country's corrupt Foreign Minister, is the fact that the self-seeking propaganda article published by their ally Ahmed Kamara had given the impression as if it was actually posted on that APC Propaganda website by Sylvia Olayinka Blyden herself on the day before which was Sunday September 19th 2010. Snapshot images of the website’s front page and of the story page itself are reproduced on this page. They are an international embarrassment that our President’s propagandist has to stoop so low to score cheap points.


A Shameless attempt to use Sylvia Blyden's hard-earned credibility as a respected independent voice to promote President Koroma's image. What an embarrassment many people have opined.


Many people in the Diaspora are already appalled with reports that despite all the ‘Vuvuzela’ noise about achievements of the President, he went on to actively dodge facing members of the Press who had burning questions they wanted him to answer at last Friday’s failed Press Conference now dubbed as a Mumu Press Briefing since most Ministers exhibited mute(mumu) behaviour by staying far, far away from anywhere near Youyi Building where the President and his ministers were expected.


Awareness Times was yesterday bombarded by readers out in the Diaspora who wanted to know if indeed it was Dr. Sylvia Blyden who had described the President in glowing terms as “a darling of press freedom” who currently had an unblemished record that was currently enviable or if it was the usual APC pranks of ‘Vuvuzelarization’.


When we contacted Sylvia Blyden in London, she responded that she had “no respect” for the operator of that APC Propaganda website which is closely associated with the country's very corrupt Foreign Minister Zainab Hawa Bangura so she could not see how she would author an article and post it on his website.


The President's Propagandist wrote: WRITTEN BY SYLVIA OLAYINKA BLYDEN IN 'BREAKING NEWS' ON SEPTEMBER 19, 2010 3:19PM/ The reality is that Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has in her entire lifetime, written not a single news item on that ignoble website let alone what she has described as a 'TASTELESS BOOTLICKING PRODUCTION'.

A desperate attempt to clean up the press image of a Government that could only muster up a Mumu Press Conference at 3 Years threshold. The President needs to take a long hard look at the morals and ethics of the kind of people he encourages to be his Propagandists

“That is the medium which the extremely corrupt Zainab Hawa Bangura and her aides use to spread information, good about herself and negative trash against other people including myself. I wonder why they thought they could pull off this latest stunt of using my name on their ill-motivated propaganda website in this way? Maybe they thought I had left London and gone back to Freetown already and so I would never have found out. It is another of the many disgraceful tactics that aides of this regime never hesitate to apply,” Sylvia Blyden said on the line from London last evening.


Meanwhile, it has now been revealed that a 2006 article authored by the Editorial Board of Awareness Times was also hijacked by the President’s handlers in a similar manner to become his official de-facto biography. This means that the article authored in a collaborative effort by Awareness Times Editors back in February 2006, almost five years ago is what the President’s handlers have been using as his official biography.


The carefully worded article had stated that the President by then had an unblemished and enviable public record and spouts himself [emphasis ours] as a darling of democracy, the rule of law, human right, good governance, probity, freedom of the press, transparency and accountability”.


One of the country's top University Professors in Freetown weighed in on the matter last night during a visit to our offices in Central Freetown. He spoke on condition on anonymity but his views were reflective of many others.


“A minimal grasp of English language will indicate that if one is spouting himself out to be such and such, it means he is the one trying to promote himself as such and such. It certainly does not mean he was indeed such but simply means, in the case of this politician, he was asking people to give him a chance and he would behave in a such and such manner. So for the President's propagandists to seriously misinterprete simple English is a cause for concern,” the University Professor chuckled at the display of ignorance by the President’s propagandist, adding an opinion that, “the jury is now out as to whether indeed our President, H.E. President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma still has an unblemished and enviable image and whether he really is a true darling of our democratic constitution who believes in the rule of law, human rights, good governance, probity, freedom of the press, etc. etc as he had spout himself out to be five years ago.”


Many of those who telephoned up Awareness Times yesterday have expressed serious dismay at the unsavoury tactics applied in using Sylvia Blyden’s recognised good name as an independent journalist, to give more credibility to the APC Leader at this time.


“It is as if following their failed Mumu Press Conference which has caught the attention of the wider world, they needed a serious morale booster and they decided to use Sylvia Blyden’s highly credible name on their website with a manufactured endorsement thinking she would never find out,” said an angry Mr. Alimamy Mac Conteh who said he was calling from Sidcup, United Kingdom. He was just one of numerous such disgusted Sierra Leoneans who emailed or telephoned into Awareness Times.


One caller who said she was calling from Willows Media, and identified herself as Madam Agnes, pointed out that even the published authorship of the five year old article which the desperate Presidential Propagandist Ahmed Kamara was using was not even Sylvia Blyden's name.


"This is why the use of Sylvia Blyden's actual name by President Koroma's so-called Biz Promoter, is very sickening to us the true supporters of President Koroma," said Madam Hawa Conteh who claimed she was calling in from a Media Solutions business located in Croydon, UK.


Awareness Times is closely following up on this unfortunate development in our Presidential landscape.


The President's Propagandist wrote: WRITTEN BY SYLVIA OLAYINKA BLYDEN IN 'BREAKING NEWS' ON SEPTEMBER 19, 2010 3:19PM/ The reality is that Sylvia Olayinka Blyden has in her entire lifetime, written not a single news item on that ignoble website let alone what she has described as a 'TASTELESS BOOTLICKING PRODUCTION'.

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