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In Sierra Leone, ‘Jealous’ Sister accused of setting Brother Ablaze
By Bampia Bundu
Sep 21, 2010, 11:14

One Mr. Abdul Wahab and his wife, Mbalu Kanneh both resident of a house located in the Kissy Brook community, east end of Freetown, were victims of an inferno which claimed their house on Sunday, 19th September, 2010. Both victims are currently admitted at the Rokupa Satellite Hospital and are responding to treatment. A younger sister of the victim, identified as Salamatu Bolaroh of the same address is being highly suspected by family members for causing the fire.

An elder brother of both victim and the suspect, Alusine Kamara who spoke to this medium, was emphatic in his accusation of Salamatu, stating that she may have done what she allegedly did out of jealousy.

He explained that the victim, a scrap metal dealer for many years who owns the house had at one point borrowed money to the tune of Le 3 Million from his sister, Salamatu to complete the house which was at the time half complete.

According to him, Abdul has since repaid the money as against the 12th of September instant. But according to Mr. Kamara, their sister had since started behaving in a manner he referred to as “unusual” as she was not in speaking terms with his brother.

Days before the incident, Mr. Kamara recalled, Salamatu started removing her belongings from the room she was occupying in the house on the ground that she was relocating to another place. Accordingly, she removed everything from the room, but did not handover the keys, after she had locked the room.

According to Mr. Kamara, Salamatu refused to hand over the keys to her brother even when the brother had suspected that she had removed all her belongings from the room.

“I remember well one day when she was asked by her brother to hand over the keys and she had to reply that she has a few belongings in the room and was waiting for the right time to get them removed,” Mr. Kamara explained.

Kamara alleges that at about 12:00 midnight on the fateful day, Salamatu came around the house with two unidentified young men and that minutes later, he further explained, they saw smoke and fire blazing in the direction of the room she formerly occupied.

Kamara explained that his brother Abdul, his wife and six other people were already asleep in the house and that when alarm of the raging fire was raised, the victims were already entrapped. The other six people managed to escape. He said by that time, they no longer saw Salamatu or any other strange person in the immediate vicinity as people helped to put out the fire with stones, sand and water.


When this reporter contacted Miss. Salamatu Bolaroh on her mobile phone on the allegation, she denied having any knowledge of the incident as according to her she was answering the call from Feredugu in the Port Loko District where she has gone to buy wares at a ’Lummoh’ -a weekly market day.

Responding in a surprised mood to questions posed to her by this reporter regarding the family allegation, she categorically denied the allegation while confirming that the victim was indeed her elder brother. According to her she was only made aware of the incident through the call this reporter made to her. She however explained that she left the house unwillingly as she was asked out by her brother. She however went on to quickly assert, “I could not have perpetuated such a wicked act against my own brother no matter the indifference between us.”

She went on to say that she is ready to explain her innocence where ever she is taken to.

The doctor at the Rokupa Satellite Hospital told Awareness Times that the victims suffered “a high degree burn” but that their lives are not in any actual threat.

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