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In Sierra Leone, President’s ‘Adviser’ caught in Hooliganism at FSSG
By Mohamed Kanu
Sep 22, 2010, 17:24

The victimization and abuse of ordinary Sierra Leoneans with impunity by certain elements of society claiming to be staunch APC members has been glaring of late, with the latest being clearly manifested yesterday 21st September, 2010 by a State House operative in the person of a Mr. Jordan Kanu attached to the Grassroots Outreach Office of the Office of the President but who displayed outright hooliganism.

This time round, the APC hooligan exported his thuggery to the Freetown Secondary School for Girls (FSSG) where Mr. Jordan-Kanu who parades as one of the Special Advisers to President Ernest Bai Koroma on Grassroots Matters was heard openly abusing and intimidating one of the teachers for punishing his daughter, Mbalu Jordan-Kanu.

The Official State House Vehicle used to create confusion in the School Compound was marked as STATE HOUSE: GRASSROOTS OUTREACH

Mr. Jordan-Kanu who had gone to the school Monday morning with his official vehicle; bright APC red in colour with registration number, AED 101, and dressed in an off-white suit was in full view of teachers and frightened pupils as he threatened one of FSSG's Mathematics teacher, Mr. Bassie Sesay, that he will use ‘fangay’ (traditional witch gun) on him for punishing his daughter with a cane.

Information gathered at the scene by journalists who swooped into the compound, states that Mbalu was among 15 other pupils whom Mr. Sesay had meted out punishment on for failing to submit their Mathematics assignments.

Mr. Jordan-Kanu, who was protesting the use of a cane on his daughter, was loudly boastful of how he will use his power to teach the teacher a lesson that he will never forget as he informed that he is a Special Adviser to the President on Grassroots Matters.

“An ordinary teacher like you cannot punish this my daughter and go scot free,” he further threatened.

His rude behavior was even extended to numerous journalists including a female journalist working for the African Champion Newspaper which is ironically owned by APC strongman and Deputy Minister of Health, Mohamed D. Koroma. The female journalist named Ms. Emmah Black was humiliated and molested for the simple attempt of openly recording on her notepad, the registration number of Mr. Jordan-Kanu’s red jeep.

Mr. Jordan Kanu arguning with numerous journalists who swooped into the compound. He threatened to have his thugs smash the camera of anyone who took his photograph. This one was taken without him knowing

Madam Monica Bobson-Sesay, the School Principal and other School Teachers watching as Mr. Jordan Kanu finally decides to leave the compound after giving the entire school a piece of his mind

Mr. Jordan Kanu walking off

Still Muttering as he walked around

A teacher of the school who to spoke to our reporter on condition on anonymity for fear of his well-being, informed that it is not the first time that Mr. Jordan-Kanu has used his political connection to molest teachers of the school for simply punishing his daughter.

“This is the second time Mr. Jordan-Kanu has come here to abuse and threaten us. He did the same thing sometime last year when his daughter was in the Junior School,” the teacher confided.

Driving off after causing his confusion in the School Compound

The Back of the Official State House Vehicle is shown as it drove off

Mr. Jordan further threatened to deal with this reporter for taking a snapshot of him and of his jeep which he claims he is going to do using traditional 'Fangay' Witch-Gun. Jordan-Kanu has also threatened court action against any media house that publishes the story of his hooliganism.

In answer to the appeals of frightened FSSG schoolteachers and young girls attending the school who want raised public awareness of their plight, Awareness Times has today published the story of Jordan Kanu's hooliganism with his photo and his bright red State House Jeep, AED 101. We are now waiting for his court action and/or his 'Fangay'.#

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