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In Sierra Leone, Okada riders rob Awareness Times Reporter
Sep 22, 2010, 17:04

A commercial bike rider in connivance with two others on Monday, 20th¬†September 2010 at about 1:00 am robbed one of Awareness Timesí¬†Reporters, Augustine Samba at Rokel Street off Circular Road in Freetown.

According to Samba, the rider, whom Samba had hired to take him home to Fort Street after the dayís work, rode with him to Rokel Street after the former had pleaded with the latter that he wanted to drop something to somebody along Rokel Street. Since it was raining and difficult to get a taxi-car to his destination, Augustine agreed with him and they rode off not suspecting that the rider was up to some mischief.

On arrival at the Rokel Street/Circular Road junction Augustine noticed that the bike's engine went off, with the rider claiming that it has developed a mechanical problem and pretended to restart it. As Augustine alighted from the bike, two huge guys emerged from the direction of the Victoria Park and grabbed Augustine on the neck and arms. One of his assailants put a sharp knife to his throat threatening to kill him if he made any resistance.


Augustine was dragged to a corner in the dark and his digital camera, mobile phone and cash totaling Le100,000 taken from his pocket. The robbers having finished their job forced him to sit on the ground while they ran into the dark in the direction of the Sewa Grounds. The bike rider then sped off while Augustine faced his ordeal.

There have been several reports of bike riders conniving with thieves to rob their passengers at night and this incident is just one of them. The public should take notice of this and be mindful anytime they hire a motor bike to take them to any destination at night. The police should also step up vigilance over the conduct of bike riders at night as such attitudes have become a menace to this society.


Meanwhile, the Victoria Park Police Station say they are investigating the matter. Director of Media at Police Headquarters sympathised with the reporter and acknowledged that thieving by commercial Motor Bike riders was increasing but the police were developing a strategy to combat this increase in a hitherto unknown crime in the city.

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