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In Sierra Leone, Kambia Police in Le 150,000 bribe scandal
By Dauda Koroma
Sep 22, 2010, 17:10

Report reaching the Awareness Times newspaper yesterday, 20th September this year that Police Officers attached at Kambia has took a bride from one Mrs. Isata show the sum of Le 150,000 to release her boy that was lock  in the Kambia Police Cell.


According to the boy by the name Sallieu Jalloh a Pupil at the Albert Academy told the Awareness Times that on the 15th September 2010 coming from Guinea heading to Freetown approaching Kambia check point he said they get closer to the check point 4 Police Officers  which name are unidentified without putting there tag but one of them  show his number as 6565 stop the vehicle and asked the driver by the name of Chernor a Guinea driver to come down and talk to them he  also said the driver call him in French to come an assist him as Le is not familiar with Krio and he went there asking the 4 officers the problem and they asked him who is he and he reply that he is a Sierra Leobean and a pupil of at Albert Academy Senior Secondary School and he is passenger who also onboard the vehicle as he just coming from holiday in Guinea and coming home in Freetown.

Sallieu Jalloh further said the 6565 officer drive him which he refuse to and he  was handcuffed in his right hand and taken to the lockup for one day as the officers allege that Sallieu Jalloh interfere into there business the driver was also given a slap on his face which they took Le 30,000 from him.

Sallieu Jalloh  went on to say he try to plead with them that nobody has  paid the driver but they did not listen and they claim that Sallieu Jalloh take the challenge to fight them.


Sallieu Jalloh also told this reporter that the officers told him to give Le 150,000 before them releases him and he contact his Mom Mrs. Isata Shaw from Freetown at 104c mountain Cut to come with Le 150,000 as he is in the hand of the Police in Kambia.

And the boy Mom on the next day the 16th September went with the money Le 150,000 and they released him.


The Awareness Times is calling on the newly appointed IG Mr. Francis Munu to please interfere in the Kambia Police Station Soga as there are so many complains coming from that part of the Country. We are investigating the matter as the boy is responding to treatment at a private hospital as he was given Serious beaten.

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