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In Sierra Leone, Accountability Alert to Inject Value System in NGOs/CSOs
By Mohamed Kanu
Sep 22, 2010, 17:14

A newly registered international Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Sierra Leone, Accountability Alert has stated that as an organization, its membership is ready to strongly rebuild value system in the country through organizational policy of accountability and transparency among NGOS and CSOs in a bid to improve service delivery in enhancing the value for money donated by international bodies.   This move is in line with the presidents call for attitudinal and behavioral change.


Speaking in a press briefing held at the Campbell Street headquarters of the Sierra Leone Association of  Journalists (SLAJ) in Freetown over the weekend, Accountability Alert UK based consultant,  madam Jadranka Foster noted that the underlying reason for their initiative was to work in holistic and inclusive ways with donors and implementing partners such as NGOs and CSOs to make the latter especially become accountable to the people of Sierra Leone, adding that they have noticed that the grass roots are not benefiting from most of the projects implemented in the country. 


She disclosed that their organization was in the process of developing a system that they would bring to NGOs and CSOs as well as the grass roots through training and consultation in a bid to diagnose the concerns of all parties concerned.  Our policy to be brought to theses stakeholders will create the avenue where they will invest and learn through collaborative process, she posited, adding that as an NGO they were working in line with their policy to enhance accountability and transparency within NGOs and CSO.

Accountability Alert head of research, Dr. Alphens Koroma in his contribution noted that the organization has concluded four sensitization workshops in the provincial cities of Bo, Kenema and Makeni, including Waterloo in the western rural district geared towards helping the organization in getting first hand information from stakeholders and beneficiaries on how donor funded projects are being implemented. Findings on our research will be published soon that will give the exact picture of what has been entailing in the implementation of projects, he informed, saying the whole initiative was to ensure that effective and sustainable delivery services reach the grassroots.

He concluded by intimating their plan to sign an MOU with the Anti-Corruption Commission and other relevant stakeholders in the country to show their commitment to adhering to the presidential call for Attitudinal Change.  Once that is accomplished, we will convene a donor conference in November this year where difference experts from other African countries will be in attendance.

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